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The Ink Files Masterpost

The Ink Files

The Calypso Initiative: (BBB 2011) Master Post | Extras Post | AO3
Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard [Pete/Mikey, implied Vicky/Gabe, Bert/Quinn]
Word Count: 90,000
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 / Bullying, what could potentially be seen as self-harm, (the description might be triggering), graphic violence, sexy times.
Summary: AU: A rise in technological and medical advancements combined with an unexpected surge in mutations around the globe can only mean one thing: superpowers. As a child born before the information boom of 2010 rocked the world with the official news of these "SuperHumans", Frank Iero was kicked out onto the street at nine years old. His power seems to be more of a curse than a blessing: his body creates and leaks a net of energy that sets those who are unaware of it on edge. He is saved at first by a rogue agent of the government who understands the plight of the homeless children, and then by a small team of government agents who bring him into The Institute: an underground compound set up by the government to teach those with emerging superpowers how to control and use their gifts.

Frank finally has a place where he seems to belong, and a group of friends: Mikey Way, a telepath; Gerard Way, whose body is a vacuum that neutralizes energy; and Ray Toro, a healer. All is far from perfect, however. Frank’s powers and training are put to the ultimate test when he has to fight both evil and betrayal to save not only the world, but also the best family he’s ever known.

Warning Mark: Livejournal | AO3
Pairings: Gen
Word Count: 913
Rating/Warnings: PG, Werewolves.
Summary:There is something in the air that reminds Tom of the past, and he doesn't like it.

Agent Erebus: Livejournal | AO3
Pairings: Gen
Word Count: 2,647
Rating/Warnings: PG.
Summary: Brian has had a long, hard day on top of a long couple of years. His day is about to get a whole lot worse.

The Rose: Livejournal | AO3
Pairings: Gen
Word Count: 1,787
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Bob Bryar owns one of the most successful underground bars in Chicago, a bar that just so happens to be the preferred drinking hole for most of the Windy City's supernatural population. He's always been in control of the place, and has kept it running through thick and thin, but with the shadows of change playing over the roof of his beloved club, can Bob stay afloat without risking his life?

The Evolution Index (Folder A): (BBB 2012) Master Post | Extras Post
Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard [Pete/Mikey, Ray/Loneliness, Tom Conrad/Sean Van Vleet]
Word Count: 32,000
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 / Violence.
Summary: In a world where superpowers are just another thing that can get you sent to boarding school, Frank Iero and his friends know what it's like to operate under heavy levels of stress. After all, they did spend their formative years under the wings of the United States Government's most widespread and successful initiatives; a program that was created to protect and train young Americans with superpowers to become functioning members of society. And, as a side-benefit, the government realized that not only were telepaths great at taking drink orders, but they could also be trained to be highly successful secret agents.

Under the guidance of Frank's volatile and (literally) power-hungry boyfriend Gerard Way; Frank, Mikey Way, and Ray Toro are an accomplished team of super spies. When a handful of people from Frank's sordid past crop up during an investigation of rash Superhuman disappearances across the country, the team finds themselves challenged both on and off the field as they fight to solve the mysteries plaguing their beloved nation. Frank knows all too much about uncovering things that he'd rather keep hidden, but can he and his team unravel the intricate web of crime and kidnapping surrounding Chicago without losing themselves in the process?
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